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Corporate Tax Compliance & Advisory

Our services of taxation function including:
  • Tax filing of Form C - compliance under Income Tax Act 1967
  • Personal tax computation filing of Form B, BE - compliance with the Income Tax Act 1967
  • Assistance in attending tax audit: desk audit or field audit
  • Tax advisory on specific matters tailored to your needs
  • Real property gain tax computation and filing
  • Specific engagements on tax incentives claim :
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Tax Investigation Advise & Assistance
  • Pioneer status, reinvestment allowances & other incentives
Taxation is our second core business and the founder of J. K. Tan & Co has obtained the tax agents license under Section 153(3) of the Income Tax Act 1967, approved license from the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MOF). We are also a member firm of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (“CTIM”), which enhance the quality high level of tax compliance.

We are to assist client in tax planning in accordance with the Income Tax Act 1967, make reference to the IRB’s Public Rulings, Tax Audit & Investigation Frameworks, Technical Guidelines and etc.

Nevertheless, we are not accepting any interest in tax evasion, which is prohibited under the Act. Pay the right tax.

Budget 2019 workshop
Budget 2019 workshop

News update:
On August 30, The Star News reported that 'Customs, IRB to do joint audit on all companies. Treasury Secretary-General Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah said the audit would be conducted by officers from the Customs Department and the IRB, beginning with companies in the Klang Valley, before expanding the operations nationwide. See link

Legitimate Tax Agent

Red Alert
Do you know starting YA 2022, you must declare whether you have controlled transactions & Are you required to prepare Transfer Pricing Documentation?
That's mean you must tick in the Form C the correct status & you have only 14 days when future tax audit selection.

Useful information

2018 Filing Programme:
- Form E (statutory dateline: 31/3/2018; e-filing grace period: 1 month)
- Form BE (statutory dateline: 30/4/2018; e-filing grace period: 15 days)
- Form B (statutory dateline: 30/6/2018; e-filing grace period: 15 days)
- Form C (statutory dateline: 7 months after Company financial year end; e-filing grace period: 1 month)
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Income Tax Rates for Individual

Refer to Schedule Tax Rate
Assessment Year 2015 view pdf file
Assessment Year 2013 view pdf file
Assessment Year 2010 to 2012 view pdf file
Tax Relief for Resident Individual : Year 2010 - 2015 view pdf file
Income Tax Rates For Companies view pdf file
Offences and Penalties view pdf file

Tax Audit

Every company will subject to IRB's tax audit. Tax audit is examination of a taxpayer’s business records and financial affairs to ascertain that the right amount of income should be declared and the right amount of tax should be calculated and paid are in accordance with tax laws and regulations. Refer to Tax Audit Framework (Rangka Kerja Cukai Audit).
Two types of tax audit:
  • Desk audit : held at IRB office, checking of all income and expenses information, and various types of claims made by a taxpayer in his income tax return. Specific deskaudit cases can be referred for field audit action.
  • Field audit : takes place at a taxpayer’s premise, involves the examination of the taxpayer’s business records. A taxpayer will be given notice prior to a field audit.
Statutory Provision: The relevant provisions of the ITA 1967 applicable to tax audits
Sections in ITA Descriptions 
a) Subsection 39 (1A)  Failure to give information within the specified time.
b) Section 78 Power to call for specific returns and production of books. 
c) Section 79 Power to call for statement of bank accounts, etc.
d) Section 80 Power to access to buildings and documents, etc. 
e) Section 81 Power to call for information.
f) Section 82 Duty to keep records and give receipts. 
g) Section 99 Right of appeal.
h) Section 100 Extension of time for appeal. 
i) Section 101 Review by Director General.
j) Section 102 Disposal of appeals. 
k) Section 113 Incorrect returns.
l) Section 116 Obstruction of officers. 
m) Section 119 A Failure to keep records.
n) Section 120 Other offences. 
o) Section 138 Certain material to be treated as confidential.
p) Section 138A Public rulings. 
q) Section 140 Power to disregard certain transactions.
r) Section 141 Powers regarding certain transactions by non-residents.